Tattoos and the people :

Gorgeous tattoos and the stories of their owners.

Neater, if you do not have a tattoo, then this post entice you a question: "do or not do the pattern on the skin?"

Rafael Tazhbin, aged 20, a stylist, the first (temporary) tattoo done on her cheek in 16 years
 I trust only Sergei Furmanov, he is a master of styles old school, anime, and tutti-frutti
 I do not regret for one of his tattoos. The next think to do in the language
 The inscription on my neck "soho censored live". The full significance only know I am. I will say one thing - it is better to regret what you did, what that did
 Alexander Belogortseva, aged 20, an artist. First tattoo done in 16 years - it had three stars for each ear.
To perform all of my tattoos took about 55 hours. As long as there's space on my body, I think, will not stop. Now I want to make a Japanese kitty "Maneki-neko" on the leg.
 The tattoo on her chest - the most problematic. First, I stuffed it Bunea, turned bad, and then a long and painstakingly reworked its spider. Above it is still work to do, all irregularities will be cleaned by laser. The main thing is that the meaning of the tattoo will remain the same: Rose - Life, Fire - Passion Wings - Freedom
 Andrei Sokolov (Spider), 35 years, tattoo artist. First tattoo done in 15 years - it was a Russian ligature with figures of animals.
 My tattoos done by different masters: Dmitry Kuzmitchov, Rinat Muzoparov (Tatar), Tahir Kamashev, Kostik Smirnov (Cat), Sergej Furmanov, Fyodor Dorofeev (Fred). From bitter experience, there was one miracle worker whose name I will not name, and so all will understand ...
 I rarely pay for work on his body, mostly the gifts of my friends. True, there are bad side of a freebie - done all this for a long time
 About this tattoo is difficult to tell, here are a series should be removed. Life is such a thing, do not know where to lose, and where you will find ...
 Alexey Demidov, 22, a photographer. First tattoo done at age 14 in Turkey
 On my mishmash of Japanese, old school and New School. Wizard worked very different: Karhan, Taha, Sergei Golyandin, Olga Bobylev, Sergei Furmanov. Only regret about the campaign to Karhanu, his job now will never be able to change, so choose a good masters at once!
 In total, under the machine, I spent about a week and spent about 3000 dollars
 I've still got a lot of space, I plan to stuff the leg and chest
 The idea to fill the palette occurred by chance, it seemed that it would be fun to watch. This reflects part of my job, one of a few of my tattoos with meaning
 Gro Talley, 24, creator. First tattoo done in 19 years, the Moscow tatuirovschitsy
 My tattoos are made in different styles: the New School, old school, sugar skulls (mexican theme), a traditional Japanese tattoo, ornamental Maya cartoon Melman. There is even a point on the face, which is also quite symbolic. Now I think to give my other leg below the figure ZHOSTOVO
At all the sessions lasted about 30 hours, but it certainly is hard to say, I can not keep track of time after 2-3 hours of application
 This is a picture of one American who does not symbolize. My sister showed me his, slightly modified version of the picture and immediately decided that this lady is simply obliged to be on my back. With hair color has not yet been determined because it is not yet finished. By the way, is a favorite tattoo of my mom. When it comes with a conversation about tattoos and freaks, mother of all "rip" my photos, and does it with pride
Michael Chuvilin (Santa Claus), 24, dental technician, a musician. First tattoo - a dragon and a symbol of freedom - made ​​in 18 years
 My tattoo in Japanese style. This style is very extensive and varied, passing mood
 Water - my element, its a lot on my tattoos. Also there are two lions of Buddha. One thing I will say - I never nabyu himself a skull, and the like. All this negativity clean water
 Julia Skobelev, 27 years, photographer. First tattoo done at age 25, was influenced by her husband (who, incidentally, also is in this feature. Guess who?)
 I always think long and weighed before a tattoo. Now ponder the second hand and the big picture on his chest. No specific stories with the tattoos I have, you do not program "Miami Ink", the real people are much more trivial
 Pony - a favorite tattoo of my daughter, I also have a swallow to its name, the camera as a tribute to the profession, as the bus reminds me of our wedding
I long to decide on this tattoo, it was my first, and once such a major. I remember that I decided to combine geometry and artistry. Geometry - the stars, artistry - flowers bindweed. As a child she loved those flowers because they grew like a weed, do not get rid of, and disclosed only in the early morning. But it's certainly not about me
Albeck Raimbekov, 37 years old, one of the founders of the event-of Toymaster. First tattoo - Scandinavian sun sign - made ​​in 1924
 Tattooed on my work Morby, Jellyfish, Sharks, Jha Jha, Cat. Nothing I regret, always trust only the right people. Kazakh national pattern shot with hand-woven rugs, which made ​​my grandmother
 Kazakh soldier in the Japanese style. Beat the two hands Jar Jar and Cat, scored all summer, but more refined. My idea is, before the sketch master studied the structure and style of the armor of our soldiers
 Ruslan Tannin, 32, artistic director of Da Freak Club. First tattoo - a scorpion on his leg - done in the army
 Tattooed on my work Morby, shark, Sasha-crest, Max Demon, and of that, my friend from the army
On the right-hand inscription "God saved my life" - a reminder of the terrible accident in which I got and stayed alive in the day I was given a second chance. On his left forearm - a portrait of deceased friend with a commemorative inscription. Really miss him and so decided to give him a piece of itself to as long as I live, he also lived at least in my hand ...

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