Luxury mega-entertainment complex, made in the "Venetian style", includes 40-storey hotel at 3 thousand rooms, a giant shopping mall, exhibition hall area of ​​111 thousand square meters, an arena with stands for 15 thousand spectators.
The world's largest casino on 850 gaming tables and 4,100 slot machines located in Macau, which is an autonomous region of China in the south, on the shores of the South China Sea.

The complex is supported by the heirs of two famous dynasties - the casino owners. Casino offers over 500 gaming tables, 1,500 slot machines, as well as restaurants, hotels, shops, premium, and many other attractions.
"City of Dreams" will show whether Cota Strip repeat the success of its "elder brother" of Las Vegas.
 Grand opening was accompanied by fireworks. At the same time, hundreds of gamblers lined up to try their luck at the tables
 "City of Dreams" was opened in 2009 after six years of construction. This casino was only open in the former Portuguese colony.
 As a sign of the opening of Hard Rock Hotel Lawrence Ho and James Parker, his co-owners, broke two guitars.
 Already Macau receives more revenue than Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined. All thanks to the Chinese players, moneybags.
 Fear of money laundering, corruption and exhaustion of capital by foreign companies has forced Chinese authorities to restrict the flow of visitors.
Revenues from gambling have fallen sharply, and with it the stock indices of six companies that have the right to conduct such business in Macau.
 This recession has put serious doubt on the development of Kota Strip, located far from the city center. That he should turn Macau into a tourist center.
In the midst of the global financial crisis, U.S. firm Las Vegas Sands had to suspend his brilliant project. 11,000 people lost their jobs, but the company is still looking for funding, hoping to finish the complex.
Two casinos in the city are owned by Sands. One of them, Venetian Casino - the largest in the territory, is located just opposite the "City of Dreams. " Venetian Casino will closely observe the actions of a neighbor.
 "City of Dreams" is willing to help Macao, with a population of 546,000 to become a bigger city with more urban and tourist infrastructure.
Next to the venerable Hard Rock Hotel is a multimedia theater "bubble", named so because of the dome.
 If the "City of Dreams" will match the expectations vested in it in the first few months of work, and will not hurt shares of the Venetian casino, you can expect the revival of Cat Strip. This is the opinion Gabriel Chan, an analyst at Credit Suisse
"On the other hand, if the" City of Dreams "will swallow competitors, then the worst will have Las Vegas Sands, " - commented on a recent study by Gabriel.
 Macau's economy has started to recover, albeit hesitantly.
Nevertheless, the source of the growth of the city - gambling, continues to fight their way.

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