Super-duper exhibition of glass by Chiuli.
 And at the center of the hall was covered with black glass platform on which balls are randomly distributed, some octopus, and something else.
photographed  balls

 Black walls, black glass on the same table, and intelligent lighting.
 To look at, like a vase, but a huge number of all snakes, flourishes, glass flowers, makes stop and get a better view.
 Items are reflected in the black glass like a mirror

On a small balcony is a sort of glass Christmas tree.
Just there was some group (like I said, slightly more than fully comprised of the fair sex), so the guide told us that the pier, Chiuli specially developed some methods to needles in this tree were not a color.
Ladies ecstatically sighed and photographed mobiles.

 On the way pass by the glass flamingo
 The walls variously illuminated, are not the bowl
 not a duck

How is this made ​​of glass, imagine pretty hard, though in a hall shows a movie with the wizard.
 Flowers, really great.

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