"Mad House" was built by Mrs. Dang Viet Nga. The locals did not immediately love him.

Moreover, Communist Vietnam did not welcome such a strange construction, but in this case, it helped communication - her father was a prominent official.

 The house consists of several buildings, half of which are not completed. It is abundant room for little money and can spend the night in an unusual place.

 It is interesting to examine the hut - all that unusual. Mazes.
 Rooms are also unusual. Everyone is different. An indispensable condition for the hotel is that the guest can not completely close the door to the room. It certainly made ​​for tourists, but still not very nice to know that your number will be someone zaglyadyvat
 Each room must have a fireplace
 This stairway leads nowhere - it is not yet completed.

 Devil's kangaroo-eyed ...

 Egegey! These are the hats can be bought there

 Unusual place.
I do not think there's a good idea to stop, but you can explore happiness

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