Bench - the best friend of vacationer. It's so exciting - to sit down somewhere in the park, relax the back and observe the life around! Especially if it is not an ordinary bench and creative! In the world after all gather as many unusual and unique benches. Fantastic!

1. Pretentious bench
People who did this unusual for a park bench in Sydney, apparently did not ask the question: how to save material. But wondered: how to make pooriginalnee?

 2. Paid bench
The Germans have learned to make money even in a completely strange and unknown things. For example, the desire to sit on a park bench. There is a desire - to pay and stay. No money - watch for those who have them. Himself to sit on the bench you can not - the thorns!

 3. Bench for back
But this bench is made ​​so that you're tired, unable to lie down on it, relax the back, chatting with a friend sitting nearby.

 4. Bench-book
Bench in the form of an open book stands at the British Library in London. And, mindful of how many books they have lost on a daily basis, administrators, libraries, even hitched her huge dumbbell. So that's definitely not carry away!

5. Bench-mail
This is a bench in the park one of the hospitals in Bristol. It is made in the form of folded letter to the patient notifying his full recovery. And on account of the treatment, for sure, too!

6. Giant bench
In appearance, the usual bench. That's just it about three times longer than it should be. But on a bench placed immediately fourteen adults!

 7. Alphabetical bench
Bench as the last English letters - X, Y, Z. Apparently, not to forget.

 8. Feng Shui bench
Crisp straight lines, place stones, herbs and spices. In general, this bench is very pleasant to those who seek to live according to the principles of feng shui.

 9. Bamboo bench
Bamboo - one of the best, strong, pleasant to the touch natural materials. It is therefore not surprising that from its stems, made such an adhesive that's bench!

 10. Bench-cushion
It is not clear how to sit comfortably on a bench. But it looks pretty original.

  In summer all kinds of benches and benches - is the best place to spend time. Warm, fresh air, life, unfolding around them. In the winter of this is possible unless that dream! But not all shops are equally good. Among them are gray ducks and swans. Here are the latest and is dedicated to our review of the most unusual of benches in the world, second in the series.
 Bench with speakers for the iPhone and iPod
In the form which only makes no dock for the iPhone and iPod! For example, in the form of benches Boom Bench with built in her audiokolonkami. Excellent option for Open-Air party!

Benches on the second floor
Benches Elevated bench - ideal for those who like to look at the world from a height, and for those who do not like, when to him during the rest come up and ask for a cigarette.

Of course, in order to sit on this bench, does not necessarily have to be Italian, or just can not imagine life without spaghetti. Suffice it to love everything unusual and stylish, this little shop which, without doubt, is.

If city officials attributed the lack of places to rest in the absence of money in the budget, it is bad government. Because these objects do not have to spend public money. You can negotiate with advertising agencies, which are themselves happy to install the city hundreds of benches with advertising.

 Bench for the supporters legalayza
When we say that a person sits on drugs, it does not mean that he is an addict. It may be that he just sat on a bench in the form of a leaf of hemp.

 Pew-style pop-up
In the Dutch city of Utrecht had very strange benches. They are part of the sidewalk on them can walk and ride. But this is minimized their condition. One has only to pull a lever mounted on the wall next door, like benches and a table immediately vylezutfrom under the the ground and will be ready for operation.

 Glowing bench
Is not always the darkness - a friend of youth. Where to sit in a well lit park, where even the benches light than in a dark park with unsavory individuals, spinning around.

 Bench for cyclists
Chronic cyclists - these are people who are uncomfortable to sit on anything else except on the saddles of their VELOBIKE. That's for them and set up a special bench Saddle Bench.

Benches yarn
Bulgarian artist Tsekov Veronica (Veronika Tzekova) has created a rather unusual bench in the Italian town of Biella. Sit on this bench, of course, impossible. But this is by design! The bench is made in order to remind about the ancient craft, which is famous for Biella, about the local yarn production which recently went into decline.

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