Often already at the first consultation to the plastic surgeon, patients bring photographs of movie stars and show business as a model for the desired result. Specialists one of the most popular clinics in Los Angeles in association with CBS ranked the most sought-after celebrity body parts.

  The most coveted nose
Natalie Portman's nose leads the list of the most relevant samples for rhinoplasty. A bit less welcome turned their noses Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman:

 As for the men's noses - in the top three included Jude Law, Josh Duhamel and Ben Affleck
 The most desirable hair
Women's sympathies in this category were distributed between Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian:

 Men chosen as a reference point, John Hamm, George Clooney and Chris Pine:

The most coveted eye
The most attractive women were eye Hetevey Ann. In the back of her breath rising star Mila Kunis and has held Megan Fox
 Men are guided by Hugh Jackman, Jake and Ian Somerhalder Gillenhala:

The most wanted lips
Scarlett Johansson quite unexpectedly pressed Angelina Jolie with a "labial" pedestal. Third place went to Christina Aguilera:
 The vast majority of men believed illustrative lips Ashton Kutcher, but are willing to consider as an alternative to the options from Viggo Mortensen and Brad Pitt:

The most coveted chin
Halle Berry was the owner of the most attractive from the perspective of the beautiful half of mankind's chin and jawline. Compete with it can only Keira Knightley and Jennifer Lopez:
 Men are mostly oriented to the masculine chin of John Hamm. Demand were also Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson
 The most wanted cheeks
Here the views of women were divided - one soul at a sufficiently voluminous cheeks JANUARY Jones and Beyonce Knowles, others more like hollow, with prominent cheekbones, like Jennifer Garner:

 Men were not indifferent to the cheeks of Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco and Will Smith

The most desirable body
When it comes to the ideal proportions of the figure, the women immediately point to the popular model Gisele Bundchen. Remembered as Jennifer Aniston and Penelope Cruz:
 Men are guided by Mark Wahlberg, Channing Tauma and individual brand Ralph Lauren Tyson Beckford:
 Most coveted skin
As holders of perfect skin women are most often cite as an example Amy Adams, Katy Perry, and Gwyneth Paltrow:

Men are impressed leather Neil Patrick Harris, Hayden Christensen and Orlando Bloom:

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