For two weeks in a village in the north Yorkshire festival of scarecrows, old and new. Moreover, some of them faces look very familiar. Festival scarecrows in Muston attracts visitors young and old. More than a hundred different types of scarecrows, shapes and sizes welcome visitors to the Yorkshire village streets.

 2. The first day passes judicial assessment of "participants" in the festival, but the winner's name remains secret until the completion of the holida
 3. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.
 4. A visitor photographs the festival one of the most traditional scarecrows that appeared at the festival this year.
 5. Such a handsome man, certainly not a scare crow ...
 6. ... And this seems to scare a little girl.
 7. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is noteworthy that the sisters Katherine, Pippa Middleton, is not observed.
 8. And here's yet another couple from the nearby All Saints' Church in Muston.
 9. This scarecrow depicting the bartender, made ​​entirely of wine corks. In addition to the tie, of course.
 10. On closer inspection it turns out that the bartender would not hurt to brush your teeth.
11. And this charming couple - hotel guests Dun-in Inn.

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