Cheapest places to live in the world
Cheapest places to live in the worldRising prices of household commodities, land prices, food products, luxury amenities and yes.... the ongoing recession in the market (as a bitter garnishment!!) have all led people all over, to find some cheapest places to live in the world. Really, are there really some cheap places in the world, that are free of these ongoing problems and let a man lead a simple and trouble free life? I suppose not! As problems would exist everywhere. You won't a find a single country, which is immune to external and internal problems. However, let us keep such problems aside and come to the prices of commodities that affect our lifestyle! Yes, if you are speaking of places with comparatively cheaper (rather cheapest!!) prices and living cost, then you would find many! So your basic question, which are the cheapest places to live in the world, is answered below.

World's Cheapest Places to Live

Surely, there are many! However, after a detailed thought on your needs and demands, fiscal condition, long term plans and expectations, you need to come up to a sensible conclusion, selecting the right place, suiting your requirements. The below discussion on some cheapest places to live in the world, would prove helpful in this regard. Note that, the list given below is irrespective of any order, stating cheap, cheaper or cheapest.

Costa Rica - Enjoy the Hot Tropics!
Costa Rica is one of the cheapest places to live in the world. This beautiful country is furnished with scenic landscapes, various climatic zones and plenty of wildlife variety. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the hot tropical climate, which might irritate some people! Generally, USD 500 - USD 700 per month would be more than enough to reside in a shared accommodation. San Jose, the headquarters of Costa Rica is also cheap, with inexpensive transport services, low cost of living and household amenities. The farther you move from San Jose, the cheaper life gets! Read more on Costa Rica beaches and Costa Rica real estate.

Caribbean - Sunny Days and Vibrant Nights!
Caribbean is a world popular destination for tourism. Millions of tourists register their every year! But, did you know that the Caribbean is also amongst the cheapest places to live in the world. The place is full of hotels, luxury resorts, guest houses, etc., and the only forms of settlements belong to age old groups. However, once you go there, you could find agents, helping you out, in finding a home for yourself. You can get a nice cottage at a mere sum of USD 25,000, which is a one time investment! Read more on Caribbean islands.

Belize - Simply Great!
Belize, located in Central America offers a lot of natural variety along with a cheap cost of living! English being the official language, makes things simpler. Accommodations for people preferring to stay alone might cost around USD 300 - USD 500 per month, whereas for people, comfortable at sharing accommodation with a couple of folks, the deal would be more reasonable. The house would cost just around USD 100 a month. Local groceries are cheap and a tax free living for retirees makes thing even cheaper. There's another thing to be informed, Belize receives wet and dry seasons, therefore do not expect the whether to be sunny or cloudy all the time.

Romania - Europe's Cheapest!
Romania! A beautiful place, with exotic beaches, dark forests, medieval settlements and large mountains. Romania is certainly amongst the cheapest places in entire Europe. The city's capital metro, Bucharest is an epitome of many samples of neoclassical architecture and consists of many good discotheques, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and on top of it, you could find, plum brandy and cheap wines flourishing everywhere. Romania is also one of the cheapest real estate locations in the whole of Europe. French is the official language of the country, however, the youth is quite fluent in English as well!

Cambodia - Rich in Culture and Tradition!
Well, exotic beaches, vibrant nightlife, discotheques and restaurants might not be the promoting features of Cambodia. However, the place is one of the prime contenders, when it comes to cheap living cost! Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia has accommodation options that cost just USD 500 - USD 600 per month and sharing them with travelers makes them cheaper, costing around USD 200 a month. Food is also relatively cheaper and meal would cost you somewhere around USD 1 - USD 2. The normal means of transportation, tuk tuk, is economical saving a lot of money.

New Zealand - Surprised Right?
Most of the people (including me!!) get surprised when they hear of New Zealand, being one of the cheapest places to live in the world! But, this is true. The country is amongst the top players in tourism, gifted with picturesque landscapes, relatively low population and most importantly, a crime rate of almost zero! English speaking people friendly and helpful in nature, great restaurants, clubs, exuberant night life and some of the world's greatest hotels are among the most wonderful features of this country. Moreover, cheap living costs and inexpensive groceries are some of the best features of this country.

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