July 28 at the Los Angeles premiere of the film "Rise of the planet's apes." But even before the premiere of primates had poobnimatsya kiss and many stars from Kristen Bell and ending with Kim Kardashian.

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 1. Capuchin Monkey Crystal expresses his fervent attachment to the Kristen Bell at the premiere of the film "Bachelor Party 2" in Los Angeles.
 2. Kellie Pickler, country music star, will not part with python, pitbull, and since 2009 in the number of its pupils and there is a tiny monkey-igrunka.
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 3. Photo singer Katy Perry on the cover of the magazine «Miss Behave». Adorable chimpanzee named Susie.

4. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian at charity event to raise money to fund the protection of gorillas, which was held in New York.
 5. Actor Russell Brand with his new friend - a monkey-Capuchin named Gizmo.
 6. Rihanna and King Kong in a ceremony at the Empire State Building in 2008.

 8. Paris Hilton and her pet named Bentley, who clearly has a passion for diamonds, in 2009.

9. Bruno Mars during the filming of a video clip for the song "The Lazy Song". As the backup dancers were cast in a masked monkeys.

10. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Pitt and Jolie's daughter for a walk with his mother, Venice, 2010. Angelina Jolie prefers the black suits, and five years of Shiloh came here in such a cute "monkey" cap
 11. Zachary Levi. The actor did not fail to be photographed with the Barbary rhesus during his last trip to Gibraltar
 12. Ed Helms and Ken Young. The stars of the film "Bachelor Party 2" with a monkey named Crystal.
 13. Holly Madison, the star of the film «Girls Next Door» the stadium in Enaheyme in 2010.
 14. Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher. Charming monkey star greatness has not penetrated and, without thinking twice, right at her small need

15. Pete Wentz and his musical group at the awards ceremony Video Music Awards in 2006.
16.Aktrisa Betty White and the gorilla Koko.

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