Required for the progress of technology not only provide cost savings but also guarantee the protection of the environment. We present an overview of promising green developments, some of which will be available soon.Architect Vikas Pawar (Vikas Pawar) has designed high-rise complex of Eco Skyscraper, capable of supplying clean water, food and energy the inhabitants of the Indian city Noida (Noida). The skyscraper consists of two twisted towers connected, as if hovering in the air, suspended bridges.

Spiral elements in addition to aesthetic beauty serve as a place for growing food. Covered galleries on the upper levels will be a massive installation of wind generators.

 CO2 Structure: material 2.5 times stronger than concrete

TIS & Partners announced a new building material - CO2 Structure, which is stronger than conventional concrete is 2.5 times and not freeze for 28 days, and all for one day. According to the company, the hardened blocks can be used in building construction, it does not require an iron armature.

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 Standalone biozdanie Ark Hotel

Ark Hotel Residential Complex in the form of the shell can function on land and on water. The foundation of the building from the architect's office was Remistudio floating platform. At the bottom of the design unit is placed, which converts thermal energy into electricity, and the top mounted solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. The project was developed taking into account the possible global sea level rise, and this year won first place in the international building competition Radical Innovations in Hospitality in the U.S..

 ULTra - capsule carrying passengers

At London's Heathrow Airport tested a private taxi, which will carry passengers between terminals. The system consists of eighteen ULTra four capsules trailers. Electric cars at 40 miles per hour take passengers to the selected location.

According to the developer company Advanced Transport Systems, a new form of transport at the fifty-percent more efficient than gasoline buses.

Scientists from the Institute Seasteading in San Francisco, developed the concept of floating islands. According to the project are small inhabited complexes will be built on unused oil platforms, which will gain the ability to move with diesel engines. Each 12000-tonne structure will accommodate up to 270 people.

Despite the utopian dream of inventors have found a large investor. PayPal founder Peter Thiel billionaire (Peter Thiel) put forward the construction of 1.25 million dollars and commented sitautsiyu - "The vast majority of people think of our idea to be hopeless, as well as they do not interfere with its embodiment." The plans of the authors run a pilot floating hotel with total area of ​​34.2 ClubStead thousand square meters by the end of 2012 off the coast of California.

 i2R e-paper - rewritable electronic paper

Researchers from the Institute of Industrial Technology (ITRI) in Taiwan created a new type of storage media i2R e-Paper. The main property of electronic paper is that the text and pictures on it can be printed and erased dozens of times. The image is applied by means of thermal printers in principle, similar to the fax. The device can withstand up to 260 cycles of use.

One sheet of A4 is a near $ 60 and costs about the printing process - 2. The developers intend to bring this technology to the market over the next two years.

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