Still, the planet Earth - it's very strange place.
Sometimes you wonder how much of our world there are stupid and ridiculous things.
It's no wonder they say that's true any more fantastic than fiction.

Well, surprise can be found in a boring area, as the labor market?
But if you dig carefully, then you can find a lot of fun.
For example, if you look at regular reports to the world of recruitment agencies.
Giovanni Felizzola from Italy. Manufacture of neon signs deals since 1967. He has his own shop in Baltimore, where he manages since 1985. He himself says that when working with glass must be very careful - the slightest carelessness and everything will be spoiled. Glassblower work has not changed much since ancient times. Master the power of their lungs and under the influence of fire and gently pulls the yoke of the glass.
 Dusty Barrett - rodeo clown from his childhood. At age two he had already spoken with his grandfather. The only drawback of his work finds continued traveling on tour, because of what can not see for a long time with his family. The most important of his speeches to the children's laughter.
 William Coffman is engaged in an unusual thing for 16 years. He works in the exhibition diver National Aquarium, Baltimore, which is located in Maryland, USA. This is the only way to clean the acrylic panels and make it all has to hand. When he starts to rub the glass thickness of 7 cm kids always respond with joy and with genuine interest in watching him, and William like to look at their faces
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 Jason Stull runs from Baltimore calls into numbers in the lottery in the entertainment center "Bingo world" and sympathetic to all the people who work with him. "They can be called crazy, of course, a good sense of the word - says Stull. - Sometimes hard, because at the end of the day all the balls already seem to like each other. But you can not get distracted, so we have to focus. "Sometimes, Jason is forced to work until three o'clock in the morning. It is not uncommon that players accused of losing his failure who just calls the balls. "In such cases you have to be thick-skinned because they're just upset because of the defeat." But earlier he believed Diamond vocation throughout their lives.
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 For almost 20 years, Mary Galloway works superintendent of elephants in the National Zoo Washington, DC. "I seem to know them personally. They are an important part of my life, as well as I - some of them. This is a rare opportunity to communicate with elephants so close. "Especially Mary came closer to the 58-year-old elephant
 American Mark Uolner first saw the show «Punch & Judy» when it was still quite small, but it was memorable to him for life. He currently performs with his single show puppets, during which Mark says ten votes. Walker shows his performances throughout the Baltimore, Maryland, and the main pleasure of his work finds an opportunity to hear children's laughter.
 In indigenous south-eastern United States in folklore have survived the mention of Kokopelli - a mythical deity, which plays the flute. Navajo Indian named Belial Chi works in Antelope Canyon near the town of Page (Arizona). It performs the functions of a guide and is on a wooden flute for tourists. Velie enjoy telling people about the history of his tribe and the area around the canyon, the sandy slopes of thousands were formed under the influence of wind and water.
 Brian MakGaren since 1999 working artist's model for various artists - both professionals and beginners. Although such work and makes MakGarena to keep myself in shape, it is really like. "I hate boring, routine work strictly by the hour, and in this paper, I myself can set your schedule. The only negative - it's classes in which there is no heating, "- says Brian.
 Sean Callahan of Washington is engaged in stone carving at the National Cathedral. "To create a sculpture of limestone, I use a small file. "The work of the carver gives me an incomparable pleasure, it should be a lot of thinking. Sometimes at night I feel very tired - says Sean .- But I always want to go back to work and do more. "
 And in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for 11 years running Sam Yatri has a very important task - it is using a special brush removes dust from the exhibits. Some of them, such as Allosaurus skeleton, several thousand years. Sam was born in West Africa, to be allowed to work in the museum, he took a special six-week training.

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