The world is full of unusual buildings, demonstrating the flight of the thought of an architect. Quite often, these buildings are built as a museum. Today's look at the ocean and the surf museum, Art Museum and the Museum of Nanjing Sifang Felix Nussbaum.

1. Felix Nussbaum Museum

Felix Nussbaum Museum (Felix Nussbaum) - continuation of the Museum of Cultural History in Osnabrück, he focuses on the work of Felix Nussbaum, a Jewish artist born in Osnabrück in 1904.

 2. The museum illustrations and pictures taken before his murder at Auschwitz, all focused on the themes of racism and intolerance.
 3. The building was completed in summer 1998. with the participation of firms Reinders and partners, it was visited by more than 4 million visitors.
 4. The building consists of three main parts: high and narrow central corridor Nussbaum, long the main part and the bridge that connects the building with the old museum.
5. The building's design reflects the life of Felix Nussbaum, the track suddenly break off, unpredictably intersect and lead to a deadlock.
9. Center for Ocean and surf

Center for Ocean and Surf (Cité de l'Océan et du Surf) is studying the surf and the sea, their role in our leisure, science and ecology.

 10. The shape of the building comes from the spatial concept of "under the sky / under the sea. " Form Code "under heaven" creates the character of the main outdoor space "Place of the ocean. "
11. Convex constructive ceiling creates an exhibition space "under the sea. " Spatial features of the building begins at the entrance, where hallway and stairs pass extensive view from the top of exhibition space, as they pass along the dynamic curved surface, which is enlivened by a moving image and light.
12. Certain union into a single entity concept and the topography makes the building unique shape. In relation to the ocean, form a set of open parking buildings will be extended through the landscape.

13. Landscape with corners slightly cupped shape, blending the fields and native vegetation are a continuation of the building and will take the festivals and daily activities, they are integrated with the device of the museum.
 14. Art Museum Nanjing Sifang

The new museum is located at the entrance of modern international exhibition of architecture in a lush green landscape Pearl Spring near the city of Nanjing, China. It examines the changing point of view, the layers of space, the expansion of mist and water, which characterizes the depth of displacing each other space mysteries of early Chinese painting. Soon Art Museum Nanjing Sifang will be open to visitors.

 15. Perspective - the fundamental historical difference between Western and Chinese painting. After the 13th century western painting developed the idea of the vanishing point in the fixed term. Chinese artists, though aware of the term, rejected the method of single vanishing point, but instead they created a landscape with "parallel perspective", in which the viewer travels inside the picture.
16. The museum has a form of "field" of prospective parallel spaces and garden fencing in a black base, formed of bamboo, over which hangs light "figure". Direct transitions to the ground floor is gradually transformed into the winding passages above figures
17. The upper gallery, hanging high in the air, turns clockwise, and culminates in a "prescribed in a given situation" as the city of Nanjing in the distance. The value of this space becoming an urban village with the help form on the capital of the great Ming Dynasty city of Nanjing.
 18. A courtyard paved with reused old bricks from the ruined Hooton courtyards in the center of Nanjing.
 19. Limitation Flowers Museum black and white ties him with an ancient painting, but also serves as a backing for the transfer of colors and textures of works of art and architecture, which will be exhibited in a museum.
20. Bamboo, previously grown on the place of the museum, was used to design the base with black intersections on the walls. The museum used geothermal cooling and heating and recycled rainwater.

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