The exhibition in Germany was represented by the world's largest airport model. For its construction took 7 years and 4.8 million dollars.

The world's largest airport model was presented recently in «Miniatur Wunderland» in Hamburg. «Miniatur Wunderland» - the world's largest model railway, and now it is supported by an airport model, developed six years. The construction took 3.5 million euros. (Stuart Franklin / Getty Images)

The airport is a reproduction of the international airport of Hamburg.
 In the tiny airport, the presence of 40 airplanes and 90 vehicles, automatically moving the model.
 A variety of cars in the parking lot.
The railway station connects the airport with the rest of the tiny country.
 Taxis are ready to pick up passengers from the airport Knuffingen.
 The building of terminals and parking at the airport Knuffingen.
 Shopping complex near the airport.
Airport Knuffingen "night. "
 Parking and control tower.
 Gerrit Braun makes a model airplane.
 Passengers come out of an airplane.
 The model includes a special system that controls all traffic through the computer.
The world's largest airport model was put into operation after seven years of development and construction.

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