In the Soviet Union, we are "proud" that the Soviet microprocessors - the largest microprocessor in the world! Throughout the rest of the world as scientific and technical progress engendered a more and more small devices. Today, we'll tell you about the smallest of SlashGear in the world.
 The smallest mobile phone
Neo 808i phone has a reputation the world's smallest full-fledged mobile phone. Of course, he can make calls and send text messages. It has a button keyboard, camera images with a resolution of 1.2 megapixels, screen and built-in memory to 4 gigabytes. But 3G and Wi-Fi, unfortunately, no.

 Smallest Camera
In fact, most small cameras built into mobile phones. But they should not be treated as separate devices. And because the camera is the smallest camera Chobi Cam One, having the dimensions 2.86 by 2.54 by 2.7 inches. And while it has interchangeable lenses and screen for viewing images. Takes pictures of this camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels.

 The smallest aquarium
Omsk and Stanislav Anatoly designers have created a masterpiece Konenko minimalistiki that would be the envy of the Japanese. They have created the world's smallest aquarium that measures 30 millimeters in length and 14 millimeters in width and 24 millimeters in height. It is located just 10 grams of water and one fish species Danio rerio,.

 World's Smallest PC
Computer system unit Raspberry Pi has a size of USB-stick. Nevertheless, it's a work PC that has a processor with a clock frequency ARM11 700 MHz, video port, a removable storage device, memory to 128 megabytes, and the USB-port.

 The smallest screen
According to the Guinness Book of Records the world's smallest screen is created in the laboratories of the Scottish company MicroEmissive Displays. It measures 3.84 by 2.88 millimeters. And it has a resolution of 160 by 120 pixels.

 Smallest revolver
Switzerland is famous for its weapons. Here, as evidence of this statement can lead Swiss Mini Gun - the smallest pistol in the world. Its length is only 5 inches and weight - 19.8 grams. He is charged specifically created for him rounds of 2.34 mm and a weight of 0.128 grams of bullets.

 Smallest Computer Mouse
To control a computer mouse Swiftpoint SLIDER not need a whole hand! It will be sufficient and a couple of fingers

 World's Smallest Projector
Tiny Projector Projector from 3M is the smallest projector in the world. After all, it is designed to operate on mobile phones. This device does not easily fit that into pants pocket and breast pocket and a shirt!

Smallest Laptop
Netbook UMID Mbook with screen 4.3 inches - is the smallest notebook in the world. But nevertheless, it has a full QWERTY-keyboard, the Atom processor and a webcam. And it works under the operating system Windows XP.

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