Average cruising speed of a jet is about 950 kilometers per hour, which is only a thirty percent larger than reported in the data sheet of the most powerful motorcycle in Tomahawk. Just the thing, the planes are flying, and stories - no.

Manufacturers are after record-breaking results, because there are people who want all the same-thing. For extreme limits of permitted are on the brink of possible, otherwise how to explain the dispersal of two-wheeled iron horse to a point five hundred miles an hour.
1. Dodge Tomahawk

 Four-wheel bike accelerates to 97 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. If you forget about the counter-resistance, then, according to the developers, the bike will be able to develop 640 kilometers per hour. True, this is only a theoretical value, which is taken from the real parameters of the power plant: 8.3-liter engine with ten cylinders and 500 hp

2. 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R

One of the fastest and most powerful bikes in the world. In 2011, during the race Loring Timing Association American Bill Warner (Bill Warner) disbanded the upgraded version of Hayabusa to 502 kilometers per hour, which was a new speed record on a motorcycle.

In the basic configuration is equipped with modern sportbike 197-horsepower four-cylinder engine with a volume of 1340 cubic centimeters.
3. MTT turbine superbike Y2KThe only bike to travel on ordinary roads, which is equipped with aircraft gas turbine engines. In addition, the model is listed twice Y2K entered in Guinness Book of Records as "the most powerful series motorcycle" and "the most expensive serial motorcycle." At a bodyweight of 61.2 kg bike engine develops 320 horsepower and a top speed limited to 402 kilometers per hour.
4. Lightning Electric Superbike

Superbike was recognized as the fastest motorcycle in the world, working on an electric motor. According to the results of test check of the Great Salt Lake Desert elektrobayk has a top speed 352 kilometers per hour.

5. Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird

Model CBR 1100 XX manufactured since 1996 and is still in production. Black stritfayter a speed of more than two hundred miles an hour.

6. Yamaha YZF R1 2011

Serial bike has chetyrehklapanny DOHC engine with a volume of 998 cubic centimeters, which provides power 182 hp. The maximum speed is at around 300 kilometers per hour.

7. MV Agusta F4 1000 R

Chassis motorcycle decorated modern tech suspension, and the heart is a high-tech 1000-cc engine. Slap the bike accelerates to a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

8. Kawasaki ninja ZX-11/ZZ-R1100

Model ZX-11 held the title of "fastest bike" for six years, pointing to a line speed of 280 kilometers per hour.

9. Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille

10. BMW K 1200 S

Motor bike power 167 horsepower provides acceleration to 2.8 seconds per hundred. In addition, the model has excellent handling on the road: the low center of gravity can literally "go" in the turns, and electronic suspension adjustment and anti-lock system to increase smoothness.

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